Our first service

Apart of Me

The world's first virtual world helping young people talk about death.

Designed by experts in child bereavement and family psychology, Apart of Me is an emotional support system, helping turn a family's nightmare into a reservoir of hope and wisdom for future generations.

Apart of Me is freely available for anyone who wants it. To find out more about the project the Guardian named in it's Top 10 tech projects to look out for in 2018 and the Big Issue named as one of its Changemakers for 2019, click below.


The Bounce Home

Our second service

Bounce Home

Imagine raising your family in an “emotionally-intelligent” home, one which provides parents with the understanding and methods to build evidence-based habits and behaviours into their everyday family, forming a bedrock of emotional empowerment that is embedded in their day-to-to day lives.

A home which makes it easy to do the right things at the right times - an alarm clock that looks after your worries before sleep, a fruit bowl on the kitchen table that helps your family find gratitude for the good things in their life, a mirror that helps your kids build compassion for themselves and others.

The Bounce Home


Our team

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Louis Weinstock is a child and family psychotherapist with over 16 years experience supporting marginalised young people. He ran a therapeutic education provision for adolescents with complex trauma, kickstarted Headspace’s mindfulness app for kids, and has designed and delivered meditation and emotional resilience courses for parents, kids, and teachers.

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Ben Page is a software developer with 17 years professional experience who has designed, built and launched multiple products for startups, government and financial institutions. He fell in love with creating software after writing his first computer game on the family’s Apple II back in the 80s.

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