Louis is a child and family psychotherapist with over 16 years experience supporting marginalised young people. He ran a therapeutic education provision for adolescents with complex trauma, kickstarted Headspace’s mindfulness app for kids, and has designed and delivered meditation and emotional resilience courses for parents, kids, and teachers.

Louis first discovered meditation aged 10, when he sat cross-legged on his spiderman duvet and realised that by focusing on his breath he could exert mind over matter. In his early 20s, he turned his mind to helping marginalised children and families, including social work in Child Protection and Foster Care, in Tier 4 mental health services, as a drug and alcohol counsellor, and for charities such as Centrepoint and Kids Company. The idea for Apart of Me came when Louis was supporting families at a Hospice in Hackney, London, helping parents with a terminal illness talk to their children about coming to the end of their life.

Louis has travelled extensively, studying wisdom traditions from around the world, including both personal and academic studies of Postcolonial Political Psychology, Surrealist philosophy, indigenous wisdom traditions, and studying with meditation masters, yogis and indigenous wisdom-keepers in Asia, South America and Europe. However, he has learned the most from the clients he has worked with over the last 16 years, those human beings that found the courage to evolve, in spite of often extreme, traumatising, soul-restricting environments.