Apart of Me is an interactive game providing a safe space for children to explore when someone they love is dying.

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Dealing with the terminal illness and inevitable death of a loved one is difficult at any age - but for a child it’s devastating, especially as our taboos around death and dying leave many children without honest, appropriate conversations, leading to negative outcomes including depression, school exclusion and criminality. By making trusted, conventional counselling techniques available to children through newly-available technology Apart of Me will provide a medium in which the taboo around dying can be gently overcome, so that children with a terminally ill parent or loved one can turn their nightmare into an experience that gives them resilience well into their future.


Apart of Me is a refreshing resource that will help children and young people begin to explore their emotions and feelings when someone important to them has a life-limiting illness. The creative and imaginative design of the app will allow children and young people to develop an understanding of what is happening in their lives and through this they will be able to start making meaning about the experience, and help find ways to cope and manage. I think the app is an important and necessary resource.


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