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We’re building a game, Apart of Me, to support young people and families when someone has a life-limiting illness.

Do you have what it takes to be a games tester for Apart of me?
If you are:

A young person (aged upto 21 yrs old) who has or had a loved one with a life-limiting illness.

The relative of a young person who has or had a loved one with a life-limiting illness.

A professional with a particular interest in this area.

A gamer

Then apply below:

User-centered design and digital technology for children's emotional resilience

Rates of teenage anxiety have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. Parents' anxieties about their children’s mental health have also increased; 40% of parents say their children’s emotional wellbeing is now their biggest concern.

Similar concerns about adult wellbeing have led to an explosion of apps designed to improve the emotional wellbeing of adults, as best shown by the success of apps like Headspace and Happify. Our research, however, shows that children and adolescents are unlikely to use apps which explicitly target wellbeing. These tend to be dismissed as boring.

Instead we make therapeutic products which meet children where they are, not where we’d like them to be, we promote emotional resilience and wellbeing using products which are playful, engaging and fun. We work with illustrators, animators, toy and game designers to create engaging experiences which parents will want to buy and children will want to use.

We create digitally connected products which genuinely help improve the emotional wellbeing of children and parents, and which children and parents actually want to use.

Meet the team

Louis Weinstock

Child and Family Psychotherapist / Mindfulness Expert - 16 years experience. Set up and led therapeutic education provision for Kids Company. Kickstarted Headspace's mindfulness app for kids.

Louis once starred in an advert for Orange mobile, riding around on a bicycle in the suburbs of Outer London at night. Sadly he didn’t become an overnight star as he was blanked out from the final cut, and all you could see was a bicycle riding itself!

Ben Page

Professional software developer with 17 years experience working in startups, government and financial institutions. Designed, built and launched multiple products.

Ben has recently spent a lot of time building a luxury bed for his dog Wilson, complete with a mattress, duvet, cushions and a sweet purple paint job. Wilson is still sleeping on the sofa.

Helga Ragnarsdóttir

Marketing guru, professional musician and actress with a passion for interactive technology and working with children.

Helga is an expert whale spotter from her days as a whale watching guide and can spot a humpback (and tell you its name) from more than a mile away!

Miguel De Lara

Graphic designer and illustrator with broad experience of creating illustrations for children's products.

Miguel is amazed by bubbles of all sizes and shapes, he always tries to have some sort of bubble device to hand as he has discovered that very few people can contain a smile when bubbles appear.

Current Project

Apart of Me is a refreshing resource that will help children and young people begin to explore their emotions and feelings when someone important to them has a life-limiting illness. The creative and imaginative design of the app will allow children and young people to develop an understanding of what is happening in their lives and through this they will be able to start making meaning about the experience, and help find ways to cope and manage. I think the app is an important and necessary resource.
Dr Rachel Fearnley - Independent Researcher / Consultant /Author “Communicating with Children when a Parent is At The End Of Life”
Supported by Nominet Trust - Making Change Happen


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