Help us to help them talk

Our campaign has reached 66% of its target, we’re now trying to a raise the final £10,000! Reaching our target would allow us to do the following:

  1. Release the first public version of Apart of Me, making it freely available to whoever needs it via the Apple and Android app stores.

  2. Complete The Cave, the feature which created the most buzz during our user-testing. We will turn it into a rich, supportive environment in which young people can hear and interact with stories from others in a similar situation.

  3. Continue work on The Treehouse, our ambitious plan to allow young people to have a safe space to store and curate the precious digital memories of their loved one.

To find out why this is so vitally important watch this video of Louis introducing our latest supporter, Alex:

If you would like a longer, Sunday morning type of introduction to our project it’s really worth listening to Louis’ interview with the Death Goes Digital podcast, here or checking out the recent Evening Standard article about us.

We need YOUR help to get us over the line.

Help us to help the next generation of young people coping with loss and bereavement.

Thank you so much for your support, it will make all the difference.

With love from all the team here at Bounce Works xxx

How can I help?


You donation will help us provide Apart of Me to as many people as possible. Make a contribution, securely at


We're always grateful to have volunteers who can help us with our mission. If you have skills in fundraising, marketing, UX or games development or if you think you can help us in anyway please visit our volunteering page.

Tell us your stories

We're actively looking for people who are happy to share their stories of loss or bereavement, particularly if it relates to loss of a parent or sibling at a young age.

We are building a library of stories which will be available and searchable from within our app, share your story to find out more.

Spread the word

You can help a lot by promoting our campaign by sharing it with your friends on social media or any other way you see fit! See for details.