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Myself and the small but seriously amazing team here at Bounce Works have been putting our heart and soul into creating Apart of Me for the last 2 years.

Some people along the way felt that this was quite a risk, putting our heart and soul into something that has never been done before, a safe virtual space to help families talk about and cope with the most difficult subject of all - death.

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But we persisted, because we believe in our mission.

We believe that talking about death more openly allows us all to live more meaningful, more fulfilled lives.

We think that this is a really important message for young people, especially those whose parents are dying or have died.

As our young advisor Jamie says in our video - which reached an incredible 12,500 people in the last 3 days - when we don’t talk about death, ‘we don’t realise how precious the time is, until they’re gone.’

Since we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on September 12th, it has been magical to see how the world has responded. We have had so many offers of support and encouragement flowing to us. This validation is a major energy-booster. We know we are on the right track.

We will need as much help as possible from now until then. Will you please do us a big favour, by checking out our video below, sharing it on your social media and email channels, and tagging or cc’ing anyone you think will connect with this.

We are building a tribe around death awareness, young people, and emotional resilience, and we are grateful to have you as one of our earliest tribe members.

This week we are focusing on the theme of the taboo around death and dying. The first question we are asking our tribe: ‘Do you think death is the last taboo?’. We welcome your thoughts on this question. Please respond here, or find us and drop a note on Facebook or Twitter

We will leave you with a moving post that an old friend of mine Penny shared with me earlier this week:

“I always remember being stunned when I openly talked about my dad’s cancer being terminal, knowing there were so many father, daughter things I’d never have, and being met with “oh you never know it might all be alright”. It just left me wondering if they’d even heard what I’d just said or if they were choosing to belittle my experience. People often ignore or blame you for what they can’t fix.”

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

For more details about our project to help families find their way through grief see the Apart of Me page or subscribe to our newsletter, below.

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We're always grateful to have volunteers who can help us with our mission. If you have skills in fundraising, marketing, UX or games development or if you think you can help us in anyway please visit our volunteering page.

Tell us your stories

We're actively looking for people who are happy to share their stories of loss or bereavement, particularly if it relates to loss of a parent or sibling at a young age.

We are building a library of stories which will be available and searchable from within our app, share your story to find out more.

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