The idea for Apart of Me was born when Louis was counselling families where a parent was dying, at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, London. During this time, he realised that the young people he was working with were just a tiny fraction of the numbers of young people around the world dealing with the death of a loved one without the means or support to process their often very difficult feelings. Thus the idea of Apart of Me was born, a digital platform to provide hope and resilience to families when someone is dying or has died.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult at any age - but for a child it’s devastating, especially as our taboos around death and dying leave many children without honest, appropriate conversations, leading to negative outcomes including depression, school exclusion and criminality. By making trusted, conventional counselling techniques available to children through newly-available technology Apart of Me will provide a medium in which the taboo around dying can be gently overcome, so that bereaved children or those with a terminally ill relative can turn their nightmare into an experience that gives them resilience well into their future.

Apart of Me provides an ecosystem of psychologically-minded digital tools that can turn a family's nightmare into a reservoir of wisdom and resilience for future generations.

We have big plans for the next phase of development but if you're interested in what we've made so far click below:

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What’s amazing and unique about Apart of Me is children can create a legacy alongside their ill family member

Olly Clabburn, PhD

Lost a parent to MND. Investigating the use of digital legacies for people living with motor neurone disease

If we’d had this game available to us when my wife was still alive she would have enjoyed helping him create a memory box


Widow and mother of 2 boys.

I look forward to being able to share this tool with our extensive networks of children, families, and professionals.

Julia Samuel

Patron Founder, Child Bereavement UK

This game is bloomin’ fantastic!

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